Regan Hillyer and JuanPablo Barahona dedicate their lives to unearthing and communicating information that helps transform every area of people’s lives, in the same way it has transformed theirs. These articles are an offering of their wisdom, experiences, journeys of healing and growth, and valuable insights from insight the Abundance Codes book.

The Key to Having It All Lies in Acknowledging Infinity

Two realities exist within our souls: the horizontal and the vertical.
The horizontal reality is the physical world, where the formation of your ego exists, separate from everyone and everything. There is no connectedness in that reality.
The vertical reality is concerned with none of those things. It is a spiritual awareness of infinity and connectedness. You can tap into your vertical reality by saying, “I am that infinite being, full of life, love, and all the abundant qualities of the soul.”

The Power of Releasing Yourself from Toxic Relationships

Toxic relationships are like poison: the longer you let it affect you, the worse it gets.
If you’re struggling with toxic relationships at home, at work, or in other areas of your life, this article will show you some steps to release the grip those relationships have on your life.

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